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Advanced Imaging

Ultrasound is the second most popular imaging modality in veterinary medicine. Multiple clinical studies have proven that ultrasonography has clear advantages over radiography when diagnosing abdominal organ pathology, non-abdominal soft-tissue conditions, fluid build-up, heart disease, and countless others. Ultrasound is also used in non-diagnostic applications such as safely guiding needles for cystocentesis and cytology and tissue samples.

Echocardiography is an ultrasound of the heart.  It allows us to evaluate the heart in detail and watch each part as it functions.  We can see the valves in motion, determine the size of the individual chambers and measure the velocity of blood flow through the valves.  This is a crucial modality for determining the severity of heart disease, and it helps us guide treatment appropriately. Dr. Stevenson has gone through advanced training to learn this modality, and as such, we are one of the only hospitals in the region that currently offer this imaging modality.

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