Meet Captain

Captain is an approximately 12 year old American Staffordshire Terrier and he is our longest resident NOAH-doptable. He has been with us since November 2018 when he was found by one of our Veterinary Assistants with a large ruptured mass on the side of his face.  He needed surgery to remove the mass. It was so large, the correction left he with the unique lop-sided appearance to his face that we all love dearly. Since then, he has also had multiple additional procedures to remove his spleen due to an additional, thankfully benign, tumor, dentals due to fractured teeth, and of course, his neuter. Captain loves sunbathing, hanging out with his best buds and peanut butter more than anything in the world. He is not always great with other animals, and we do not recommend having him around children. He can also be a bit unpredictable around guests to the house, so he needs a Mom or Dad who understands him and is prepared to work with him. If you can do that, you will have an amazing companion.